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Attic Insulation Upgrades to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Attic Insulation

Whenever the thought of upgrading or remodeling your home comes to mind, you may imagine things like bathrooms, new kitchens, sleek flooring materials, luxurious patios, and many other things. While these are excellent additions and great enhancements which can significantly improve your experience indoors, the costs and expenses you incur in these upgrades cannot be recouped when you sell your home.

Thanks to a new report, there is a remodeling project that gives you top dollar reward on your home resale: attic insulation.

When compared to the value of remodeled homes for resale, the cost of the remodeling is by far recouped thereby leaving homeowners with a gain on disposal. Attic insulation has been mentioned severally as an investment that is guaranteed to generate a handsome return. In terms of statistics, insulation averaged a return of over 166% while the other remodeling projects just managed a return of 64%.

More than the Home Resale Value

If you are a homeowner and considering upgrading your attic insulation, the allure of improved resale values makes a lot of sense, but it is just an icing on the cake. The reason behind this is that insulation itself gives you lots of other benefits even before considering the resale value.

First and foremost, attic insulation lowers your utility bills. How it does this is simple, it allows homes to retain treated air effectively. Since the HVAC system runs less frequently in an attic insulated home, its lifespan is extended thereby saving you thousands of dollars.

Attic insulation upgrade involves inspection of the attic floor for possibilities of air leaks and sealing them completely. This improves the overall quality of your home. It also makes it much easier for you to control your indoor air quality and this is a plus for people suffering from asthma, seasonal allergies, and any other respiratory conditions.

Ultimately, making a big attic insulation upgrade uplifts your spirits and makes you feel good. You will have a sense of pride knowing that you have done your part to protect the environment by ensuring energy conservation and thereby reducing your carbon footprint. This is how wise and forward-thinking homeowners perceive efficiency.

It must be appreciated that there are a lot of energy efficiency upgrades apart from attic insulation, but doing an attic upgrade is the starting point. You will reap off the dividends over time and finally when you sell your home. You should also think about buying Energy Star certified appliances, upgrading your HVAC system, and installing a smart thermostat.