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Best Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cold While Cooking

Keeping kitchen cool when cookingNo matter how upscale and classy your kitchen is, it can be a hot air trap. This is especially the case when the location of the kitchen is in a poorly ventilated premise. For the safety of the equipment in the kitchen and the food prepared in it, you must ensure that the kitchen is kept cool all the time. There are several ways you can adopt to ensure that this is achieved. The following are some of the avenues you can pursue in order to make your kitchen cool throughout the year.

HVAC Units

HVAC units are designed to keep the temperatures of your home under control. It does not matter the season you are in; these units have the capacity to bring down even the sweltering heat of summer to an acceptable range. In addition, HVAC units will clean the indoor air and remove any kind of particles and microbes that can have health implications. Cooling your kitchen through HVAC installations will enable you to hold food at safe handling temperatures.

Air Curtains

In regions with cooler climates, air curtains also referred to as air doors work well. These electronic devices are usually installed at entry ways and become automatically activated whenever the kitchen door is opened.

They provide a steady and strong flow of air that blows outwards thereby forming a shield at the doorway to keep flies and other insects from getting into your kitchen. These air curtains also serve to prop open your kitchen doors in order to let in cool air.


Screens are useful in letting you open your kitchen doors and windows so as to keep cool. Previously, there were fears that leaving doors and windows open creates an avenue for pests to enter into your kitchen. In order to curb this, it is recommended that you use 16 mesh per square inch screening so as to keep out insects and let cool air in. Window and door frames should be installed properly with no openings or cracks. This will keep out crawling insects such as rodents and roaches.

If you are planning to renovate or build a kitchen, it is important that you consult with kitchen design experts so that they can install the necessary ventilation components at the earliest possible stage.  Having a kitchen designed well the first time will lessen the costs that you may have to incur later on to bring it up to the required standard.