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Can a Good Insulation In Your Attic Save You Money?

Summer is usually characterized by intense heat that cooks the expanse of the roof right above your head. When winter comes, the opposite happens. Drafts from cold and wind suck the cozy of your attic remodel. To ensure that you spare your home from such seasonal differences in weather and climate, you have to adequately insulate your attic and extend your ac system. There are various attic insulation options that you can choose from. Some of them include fiberglass batts, rigid foam and spray foam. The roof rafters play a significant role in the heating and cooling of the attic.

When insulating the attic, ensure that you choose materials with the highest R-value. The R-value measures the capacity of insulating materials to block the heat that moves through them. The installation should also be done correctly so as to prevent heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. Between the insulation and the rafters, ensure that you leave a few inches to allow air to flow from the soffit vents to the roof vents. To get the maximum possible benefit from attic insulations, ensure that you insulate the interior walls that separate the living area and the unused portion of the attic. Any heat escape routes especially at the ends of the gables should be plugged.

The Monetary Benefits of Attic Insulation

Good attic insulation can save you lots of money. To homeowners who have always seen this type of insulation as an expense, it’s a high time they thought otherwise. Some of the many benefits and savings that can accrue to you include: Prevention of condensation on walls and ceilings

The walls and ceilings are the prime places where condensation usually takes place. The worst thing about this condensation is that it discolors the walls and ceilings. This discoloration will mean that you incur expenses to repaint your walls and replace or repair your ceiling. This is a cost which could have been prevented had there been a way to stop the condensation process. The walls also peel as a result of the moisture from condensation. Attic insulation saves you all this by ensuring that condensation is prevented by the even temperatures that are maintained throughout the season.

Reduction of Heat Buildup During Summer

The summer season usually comes with lots of heat and high temperatures. This heat needs to be kept away from your indoor environment if you are to be comfortable. In most homes, air conditioning units are used to cool and fight off the heat. The problem with this approach is that the ac units tend to be overworked during these hot summers and many of them break down. This leads to an escalation of repair, replacement and maintenance costs. To save yourself the money and inconvenience, install attic insulation. It keeps the heat away throughout summer.

Reduction in Heating Bills

During winter, temperatures drop drastically. Most homes depend on heating units to take them through the dreaded winter season. The expenditure due to heating is one of the major costs incurred by households during the cold winter season. Governments start budgeting for fuel stocks early enough to avoid stock outs due to increased household demands. Attic insulation can be the perfect money saver. The insulation reduces your heat loss by more than 30% meaning your heating units will not need to work twice as much. The savings in heating bills will be evident.

Dampness and Moisture in Homes

Household dampness is a condition that leads to growth and accumulation of pathogens that cause illnesses. For instance, bacteria, fungi and mold thrive in moist environments. For people who have asthma, such allergens are highly detestable. In fact research by National Air Ducts Cleaners Association (NADCA) showed that in damp and moist conditions, households spend more money in medical bills. This can be reduced to negligible levels if the attic is insulated. The even temperatures will dry the indoor air moisture.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Increased energy use is positively related to carbon emissions. Reduction of carbon foot prints is a collective responsibility that each one of us is called to embrace. To ensure that you are not penalized as a result of carbon emissions or you do not pay more carbon tax than you already do, adopt attic insulation. In this way, you will be responsible for saving the lives and costs of both the present and future generations. A polluted outdoor environment means diseases and other health complications that can drain your finances. Reduce energy usage by insulating your attic.