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Common AC Problems You Can Avoid with Regular Maintenance


Every homeowner would love an AC system whose peak performance is excellent. This is because such a system is able to cool your home evenly and at the least energy cost possible. However, this doesn’t happen to many homeowners with the reason being that most AC systems work extra hard with little or no maintenance check.

An AC system is one of the most expensive household assets and its maintenance ought to be a top priority because replacement is not a walk in the park. You owe it to your family to have your AC regularly checked and maintenance procedures done so that your home can be comfortable.

Just like any other home appliance or machinery, AC systems go through wear and tear cycles thanks to regular usage and age. However, with simple preventive measures, some of the commonly experienced AC problems can be nipped in the bud. The following are some of the problems your AC may experience and the possible solutions to have these issues rectified.

An AC System Which Doesn’t Cool Properly

Technically, every part of the AC unit is foundationally designed for cooling. This means a fault in any of its parts can cause a cooling problem. Take for example a buildup of soot, dirt, and debris; it can restrict the flow of air through the AC unit and this can undermine its cooling capacity.

Also, a clogged heat exchanger can reduce the ability of the AC unit to cool your home efficiently. The heat exchanger is normally located on the condenser unit.

The solution to the above problems is to have your filters periodically checked and cleaned or replaced. This can be as often as monthly or once every three months depending on the particulate nature of the surrounding environment. The radiator should also be cleaned regularly.

Longer or Shorter Run Cycles

When dirt or debris builds up either in the condenser or evaporator, your thermostats either heat up or cool rapidly leading to much longer or shorter run cycles. As your unit struggles to attain and maintain the right temperature, it goes through lots of wear and tear and this significantly reduces its lifespan.

Through regular maintenance, the affected areas of the condenser and evaporator can be thoroughly cleaned to enhance the efficiency and cooling capacity of the AC unit.

Excessive Power Consumption

While it is appreciated that every mechanical part movement involves friction, insufficient lubrication can cause excessive friction. This in turn makes the moving parts work harder and run at relatively reduced efficiency meaning more heat is generated and the power consumption skyrockets.

Through periodic lubrication of the moving parts, this problem can be avoided and wear and tear can also be reduced thereby enhancing the life of your unit.

Electric Controls Failure

Frequent on and off cycles can cause corrosion of terminals, wires, and plugs as well as cracking or sparking of electrical components.

One of the things the HVAC technicians do during their regular maintenance visits is to inspect your AC electrical contacts. Any problems with the connections can be easily identified and rectified at this point of service.

It’s therefore important that you discuss with your local HVAC professional and find out if they offer scheduled maintenance services. It is worth the cost!