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Common HVAC Issues in Summer and How to Fight Them Away

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As the temperature spirals up in summer, homeowners especially from the hotter regions in the United States such as Florida are depending entirely on their AC systems to deliver reliable cooling one day after the other. If these systems fail or do not perform as to the expected standard, they can potentially ruin your summer experience.

Luckily, there are plenty of HVAC technicians who are experienced in figuring out problems associated with AC setups and how to rectify them. Whether you need the routine cleaning and maintenance of your unit or a total overhaul, they can help you. Below are some of the HVAC issues that are common during summer and what you need to do.

AC Unit Fails to Turn On

When the AC doesn’t turn on, it points to a problem within. Look at the thermostat first. When you realize the thermostat is set to have the fan running at all times and the AC only activating at temperatures of 78, when the temperatures drop to 77 and below, the fan will run but your AC will stop running. To solve this problem, adjust the thermostat. It is also important to check whether the fuses are in order and haven’t blown. If all these fixes are not working, get in touch with your technician.

The AC is Not Cooling

When you believe that the AC should be operational and for some reason it doesn’t, you can be frustrated. There are many reasons that can cause this amongst them closed vents which could be preventing the cooled air from blowing into certain rooms. You should therefore start by inspecting them. A refrigerant leak can also degrade the performance of your AC. If this is the case, then you cannot handle a refrigerant. Only the authorized and certified experts can.

Noisy HVAC System

It’s normal for the AC to make some noise while in operation. However, there are some noises such as clanging, screeching, and popping which are quite unusual. When you hear them, just know that your system is malfunctioning and as such you should shut it off and get in touch with HVAC professionals. Some of the sounds could indicate a snapping fan belt, others a broken fan, and so many other components.

Energy Bill is Too High

When you receive your monthly energy bill and immediately notice a spike in your expenditure compared to other bills in the previous months or years, there could be an anomaly. Escalating power bills may result from a system that runs inefficiently and as such consuming more power than it gives out in cooling.

The problem may be caused by dust and dirt buildup on the coil or other maintenance issues. This is why it is important to have it inspected, cleaned, and maintained at least twice a year. This lowers your cost of operation and lengthens the lifespan of your unit.

In addition to the above, you may notice that your AC stays on too long. If this is a problem that has cropped up midway, it could be due to dirty or poorly maintained coils. However, if it started from the time you bought your unit, then equipment sizing could be the problem. Don’t suffer another uncomfortable day, instead get help in fixing your system by calling a professional and reliable HVAC contractor.