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Do Ceiling Fans Save You Money

Most homes have one or more ceiling fans installed. Many people will run them when the temperatures begin to rise, but they don’t realize that most of the time they are just using up electricity and not actually cooling down the home. Fans can certainly help to save energy but you need to use them properly.

The first thing to realize is that ceiling fans do not cool down a room. All they do is move the air in that room. The moving air on your skin will cause you to personally cool but the room temperature does not go down. In fact, the temperature can rise as the spinning motor is actually generating heat. The heat is well worth it because of the cooling sensation it provides.

Here are a few energy saving tips that can help you to use your ceiling fans properly without wasting unnecessary energy.

Turn up the Temperature on Your Air Conditioner

A ceiling fan can generate a wind-chill that can make a room feel about 4 degrees lower than it really is. If you want your room to feel like it is 75 degrees then you can set the temperature to 79 degrees and turn on the ceiling fan in that room. Since your air conditioner uses much more energy than your ceiling fan this can drastically save energy.

Turn On Your Air Conditioning System on Cool Days

Your ceiling fan will use about 95 percent less electricity than your air conditioner will use. On days that are not unbearably hot turn on your ceiling fan and give your AC a rest. This can drastically save energy as you would otherwise be running an entire air conditioning system just to lower the temperature a few degrees.

Turn Off the Ceiling Fans in Unused Rooms

Many people will just let a ceiling fan run all day and all night. That is pointless because the fan does not cool the air it only moves the air. If you are not going to be in the room then simply shut off the fan. There is absolutely no benefit to running a fan in a room that no one is present to feel the moving air.

If you follow these energy saving tips you can surely lower your electricity consumption by ten to fifteen percent. Ceiling fans can certainly help to save you money if you use them properly. If you don’t use them properly you will only end up spending more and wasting more energy.