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Furnace Repair Timing and How to Engage the Experts

furnace-repairsDuring extreme weather conditions, heating and cooling systems often fail. Unfortunately, it’s during these times that your home needs to be comfortable. There are HVAC systems that fail at the middle of the night and others during weekends and holidays. Whenever such failures occur, contacting furnace repair technicians may not bear much fruit because chances are that lots of other HVAC emergencies are taking place during the same time. This may result into delayed attention.

In order to save yourself from the agony of having to wait for long queues, you have to learn how to spot potential problems before they turn into emergencies.

Signs Your Furnace System Needs Repairs

Whenever you see the following signs in your AC, you should never hesitate calling a HVAC professional for a diagnosis procedure.

Noisy Operation

While it is appreciated that very few furnaces are quiet when running, there are some noises that point towards a problem in your furnace system. Noises such as whining, clanging, and hissing sounds are key indicators of a developing problem. These noises tend to grow louder as the problem worsens. Broken fans and snapped belts are some of the causes of these noises.

Increasing Thermostat Setting

In order to maintain comfort in your house, it is normal to turn up the thermostat just a few degrees. However, when you find yourself increasing the thermostat setting every now and then in order to get a comfortable indoor temperature, chances are your HVAC system is faulty and hence you need to check it. This problem could also be caused by the thermostat itself or a leakage in the ductwork.

Rapid Cycling

When you talk of a rapid cycling condition in HVAC systems, you mean the system turns on and off very quickly. The moment you notice this occurrence in your furnace, there could be a problem with the thermostat, the ignition system, or its wiring.

Skyrocketing Utility Costs

Closely examining your monthly energy costs can give you an indication of the performance of your furnace. If your bill is steadily increasing while your rates remain the same, your furnace could be failing and in need of a professional checkup.

Picking the Right Furnace Repair Company

Once you have established the existence of a problem, the next step is to evaluate the existing furnace repair companies and choose the one you find competent. This can be an uphill task especially for homeowners who are doing it for the first time. To help you out on this, consider the following credentials:

  • Licensing status
  • References and quality of estimates
  • The brand of replacement parts
  • The pricing

Even after the repairs are done, you should think about having regular maintenance. This will help you reduce the frequency of repairs and subsequently the cost of operation.