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Golden Beach is a small beautiful town located in northeast Dade county. It’s the home of not a few celebrities, and praised for its high quality of life. It can also shares with the rest of southern Florida, a very hot climate for a good portion of the year.

If you live here you certainly know how important having your air conditioner running smoothly can be. The weather here is simply too much to deal with choosing amateurs to work on your air conditioning when it’s time for a service call. Golden Beach air conditioning is serious business and we treat it as such here at AC Repair Experts Of Miami. We understand the ins and outs of keeping your air conditioning running optimally and, if necessary, doing your repairs quickly and at as an affordable price as possible.

You can count on AC Repair Experts Of Miami to be your “go to” Golden Beach air conditioning company. We specialize in all areas of air conditioning service, repair, sales and HVAC. We pride ourselves on 24 / 7 prompt service, performed by our experienced and licensed technicians that gets the job done right the first time. We’re locals and understand your needs here exactly.

Wondering what to look out for in your air conditioning here in Golden Beach?

Check out these tips, they can be a huge help in keeping your AC running properly.

* Check Your Filter Monthly. Our conditions here in Golden Beach can be harsh on your air condition filter. Check it out at least once a month and replace the filter if necessary. Having a clogged or damaged filter can interfere with your air condition running smoothly and even lead to greater problems.

* Check Your Thermostat’s Batteries. If you have a digital thermostat in your air conditioning, be sure to check its batteries. Dead batteries are an easy fix that can get your air conditioning up and running again.

* Spray off Your AC Unit with a Hose. Using your garden hose on the outside of your AC unit can help clean off any debris that may otherwise end up clogging your system if you ignore it. This is another simple tip that can be worth its weight in gold!

Benefits of Choosing us for Your Golden Beach Air Conditioning Service

There’s many smart benefits of choosing AC Repair Experts of Miami for your service or repair. We bring all this, and more, to the table when we answer your call:

* 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service.
* Clear, upfront and affordable pricing.
* Expert licensed and insured technicians.
* Quick and fast same day emergency services.
* Generous warranties on labor.
* Complete pool heating service and repair.
* Duct cleaning and service to make sure you are breathing the best quality air available.
* Always polite and professional technicians who give you the respect you deserve.

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One of our experts is always ready and waiting to take your call and discuss your air conditioning needs or concerns. Make us your first call and let’s make sure you don’t spend any unnecessary time spent sweating or worse. We are the AC company Golden beach that best understands your needs and can exceed your expectations, on time every time. Looking forward to your call.