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How Can An AC Company Keep Your Home Green

There are numerous options available, including recycling Freon, Eco-friendly air purification and maintaining the energy efficiency of the unit.

Eco-friendly air purification

One of the cheapest ways to advance the quality indoor air is to screen it. HEPA excellence air filters can be fitted throughout the home or inside of the main air conditioner itself. An additional option for keeping the home clean is smearing biocides inside of the air conditioner or ducts to kill mildew and mold or use UV lights to kill the germs in the air. An AC company must know Eco-friendly methods to kill mildew and mold without adding chemicals that are toxic to the home’s air. UV lights, once properly fitted, are a method that is free of chemical, green method to kill mold, germs and mildew.

Recovering Freon

There are a limited AC companies that may be able to recover Freon rather than removing and later disposing of it.Using recovered Freon shows that it is not misused by being taken for disposal, while evading the need to alternate refrigerants or even install a new AC that might run off of refrigerants that are friendly to the environment. In addition since the Act of Clean Air says that it is illegal to knowledgeably vent Freon into the atmosphere, intentionally recovering the Freon thwarts environmental infractions. Throughout the process of recovery, the hoses are always checked, minimizing the odds of a forthcoming refrigerant leak.
Equally the limited supplies as well as the lump sum taxes on lawful CFCs increase their cost. Using my personal recovered Freon evades the expenses of disposing of the timeworn Freon as well as avoids the cost of purchasing more CFC refrigerant. Using Freon that are recovered from an AC is inexpensive than replacing the entire air conditioner in addition to buying Eco-friendly refrigerant or refurbishing the system to handle a refrigerant that is more Eco-friendly. In addition, recycling Freon when it is recharging the main air conditioner eliminates most contaminants stuck in the refrigerant. This will in turn reduces the probabilities of the unit breaking down in future while lengthening the life of the apparatus.

Maintaining system efficiency

If the AC is dirty, then the condenser might not be able to cool the air enough to make the home more comfortable. The unit will then run longer than required to cool down the home. A related problem occurs when the air streams into or out of the unit is restricted, making the unit to work tougher to move the air that is cooled. Contracting an AC company to maintain the air conditioner may reduce its power draw up to thirty percent. Good maintenance also lengthens the working life of the equipment, suspending the time until when the unit needs replacement.