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Pool Heating

Pool Heating Miami
It’s true that Miami almost never really gets that cold. However, there may be some chilly days or nights when you want to jump in the pool with your friends. If you have an in ground pool, then you definitely want a heating system installed that will keep your pool ready to go 365 days a year.
AC Repair Experts Of Miami has been in business since 2001, and we have earned five-star ratings on Yelp and Google. We have worked hard to ensure customer satisfaction and develop long-term relationships with satisfied clients. We offer same-day installation for in-ground pool heating systems, and we are authorized installation professionals for AquaCal, Jandy, Hayward, Pentair, Ruud and Rheem systems.
If you have a heating system for your pool already but are having some problems, we offer round-the-clock service, and there is no charge for us to come out the same day that you call.

Some of the most common problems we encounter when fixing Miami pool heating systems includes:

Clogged filter

If your swimming pool has a dirty filter, or the pump basket is full of leaves, this cuts down the flow of water, meaning that the heater has less to work with. We can come out and change filters regularly as part of an ongoing service contract and check your pump basket too.

Tripped breaker

Your pool heater will have its own breaker switch in your circuit box. Before you give us a call, take a look at the breaker box to see if the switch has tripped. If it has, reset it and try to work the heater. If it still does not work, or if the breaker switch keeps tripping, there may be an internal electrical problem within your heater. You need a licensed repair professional to take care of that sort of issue, not only to keep from voiding your warranty but also to work safely with electricity.

Pressure switch issues

This switch ensures that you have enough water pressure in the system before allowing the heater to come on. If your water flow is clear, without any obstructions, but the pressure switch is off, you can test the pressure switch with a multimeter to see if the voltage reading is normal (check your owner’s manual to see the tolerances for your model). If it is off, you’ll need a professional to come look at it.
At AC Repair Experts Miami, we look forward to helping you with your pool heater needs, whether you need a new system or a checkup on an old one. We quote you our pricing upfront, and we come out the same day and stay on the job until it is done right. Give one of our staff a call today!