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Smart Components for a Great System: Trane’s XL13C Packaged Air Conditioning System

Trane is a specialist in the manufacturing of Air Conditioning systems, air handlers, gas furnaces, coils, packaged systems and so on. Their products are number one in quality, durability as well as affordability. Trane makes some of the best Air Conditioning systems to  protect your home against the changing weather conditions.  The Trane XL13C Packaged Air Conditioning System will be a great choice for your home. It comes with an array of quality features. It consists of the heating and cooling components packed together in one cabinet, thereby providing the customer with both benefits of heating as well as cooling.

Qualities of Trane’s XL13C Packaged Air Conditioning System which makes the product the top choice among the customers


Highly durable components in the Trane XL13 system provide a product with great performance and efficiency. Trane’s XL13C Air Conditioning System has been built to the highest standard and assembled together in a cabinet. The cooling properties of the Trane XL13C are excellent and will outperform most units in this category. As a result of the craftsmanship the XL13C will prove to be a reliable option for your home or office.  All of the components are  durable including the Spin Fin Coil, Vortica Blower, and Weather Beater Top.The efficiency of the system is up to 13.00 SEER.

Attractive Design:

The Trane XL13C Packaged Air Conditioning System comes in an attractive design, which will not detract from the atmosphere of your home. The XL13C is designed in such a way that it’s looks as good as it operates.

Super Quiet Operation:

Trane’s XL13C Packaged AC operation is ultra-quiet so that you will not be have to listen to the loud sounds of a normal cooling system. The XL13C AC System has an advanced air flow system which helps keep it quiet as well as effective. The packaged system contains the furnace and the cooling system packed together and can be used for both commercial applications as well as for the comfort of your home.  These XL13 systems can be mounted on the roof tops or placed outside the home or office. This is an extremely quiet cooling system unlike other products which produce irritating noises.

About the Company:

Trane has over 100 years of experience in the air conditioning and heating industry. Their products are most reliable ones in the market today. Trane offers a wide range of systems for cooling, among them the XL13C Packaged AC System is one of the best values. The service provided by the Trane to its products is excellent. Trane’s XL13C will provide you with excellent comfort throughout your home or office and at a price that you will love.