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Top 4 Causes of Timing and Budget Problems during HVAC Upgrades

hvac-upgradesFrom time to time, your HVAC will require attention through repair and maintenance. However, a time comes when replacement or upgrade is the best possible option for you. This is especially the case when there are newer and more efficient models that you can upgrade to and make huge savings on energy and operation costs.

One of the main problems when doing HVAC upgrades is project delays and cost overruns. As a matter of fact, some homeowners are so used to these problems such that they give a leeway of up to 15% over the agreed budget estimate.

Overruns strain your budget while project delays disrupt the operations of your family and other occupants in your home. Because of this fear of disruption, many homeowners have postponed HVAC upgrades to sometime in the future even when the need and incentives are stronger.

Unrealistic Project Estimates

Most budgets are based primarily on an initial estimate done in light of an initial problem. The homeowner sees a problem and immediately contacts a HVAC professional who does a preliminary estimate on what it will take to upgrade the system without reviewing other connected and underlying issues.

The figure arrived at then becomes the basis for budgeting. Later in the process, it is realized that some work will have to be done so as to remove the old system and install the new ones. This result into additional costs that the homeowner is not prepared for. This is why it is important to get a professional HVAC expert who will bring all the costs at the table when doing the estimate.

Poor Scheduling

This results in both cost overruns and delays. Schedules must take into consideration constraints such as accessibility, weather, and home use. If the upgrade process requires demolishing which takes time and then before it is over winter comes in unusually cold and freezes the pipes in the areas under renovation, there can be delays in timing.

If heating has to be installed then that would mean additional costs to the homeowner and this can make the contractor overshoot the budget. HVAC upgrades projects must be considered on how they impact other operations in the building and how sensitive they are to weather changes.

Lack of Detailed Specifications

Where the homeowner doesn’t have a solid understanding of what he or she wants, chances are the upgrade project will zigzag both in time and cost. For instance, the type of system to be installed, where and how it is to be installed as well as the work it takes to accomplish the task are some of the important details not to be missed. The greater the complexity of the project, the more the need for detailed specifications.

Hidden Work

Nowadays, it seems the norm that every renovation project has to generate some change of orders because of an unanticipated condition. For instance, the need to replace isolation valves, which was not seen before is realized later. This means new valves have to be ordered which take time and additional cost.

It is therefore important that before any HVAC upgrade is done, a sound estimate, proper scheduling and detailed specifications are arrived at and communicated to the homeowner by the contractor well in advance to avoid delays and cost overruns.