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Understanding AC Zoning and Its Benefits


When you are installing an air conditioning system in your home or business premises for the first time or you are just upgrading, consider a Zone Control System. This will improve the level of comfort that you and your family enjoy while at the same time reducing the utility costs.

What is an Air Conditioning Zoning System?

Before you decide whether you need a Zoning Control System or not, it is important that you know what it is and its functionality. Basically, an Air Conditioning Zoning System is a practice through which rooms and spaces are heated or cooled independently using a Multi-Zone Heating Controller. This variation in heating can be structured in such a manner that specific rooms receive customized heating and cooling settings instead of general air conditioning. This mechanism helps in saving energy costs.

Do I Need an Air Conditioning Zoning System?

Different families today have adopted varying lifestyles and comfort preferences. To determine whether you need a Zoning Control System for your home or not, it is important you consider the following aspects:

Do you work from your home office?

If you have a home office that requires extra conditioning during the day and little or none at night, a Zoning System is the best solution for you. It will improve the air quality in the office during the day giving you an excellent working environment. This will not be replicated in the other rooms since you will not be using them.

Do you have bedrooms that are rarely used?

When living in a house that either has upstairs and downstairs or a large number of rooms, you can set the ac in such a manner that only the bedrooms you are using are regulated. For instance, upstairs bedrooms that are only used when visitors come do not have to be heated or cooled on a day to day basis. This will consume lots of energy without necessarily benefiting you directly.

Do you have some rooms that feel stuffy?

Not all rooms in the house have the same level of aeration. Others may feel stuffy because of their positioning. In such a case, you need a Zoning System that will give more attention to these rooms. When you are installing air filters, the stuffy rooms could be served by HEPA Filters that are stronger and filter up to 99.97 percent of air particles. This will ensure that the greatest benefit is apportioned to these rooms which need air conditioning the most.

Do your family members require different heating and cooling levels?

Family members have different preferences when it comes to air conditioning. There are some who prefer a cooler environment while others need a warm indoor atmosphere. Matching the needs of all these members may not be practical when operating without a Zoning System. A baby, for instance, will need a warmer environment while a person who is allergic to dust and pollen will require a less moist environment. An Air Conditioning Zoning System will be able to accomplish this with a high degree of precision.

Are there benefits that come with the installation of a Zoning System?

There are several benefits that you stand to enjoy when you zone your indoor environment. Some of the outstanding advantages of zoning include:

Indoor Comfort – By meeting the specific airflow and temperature requirements for the different areas within the house, your family members will enjoy a customized environment.

Air Conditioning Efficiency – A well designed Zoning Control System will save you lots of money in energy savings. This will be manifested in reduced power bills.

Ultimate Indoor Control – Having a Zoning System in place will help you in eliminating any hot zone in your house without affecting the other areas.

What are the requirements for Zoning?

For a comprehensive Zoning System, the following aspects need to be factored in.

Airflow – The airflow generated by the ac unit should be directed to the different zoned areas at different times. This can be done through the installation of devices known as dampers.

Static Pressure – This pressure is created in the air ducts due to its resistance to airflow. It is directly correlated with the closure of the dampers. The static pressure needs to be controlled.

Temperature Drop – The compressor and the current airflow are the major determinants of temperature drop around the indoor coil. A high level of airflow causes more heat to be carried away from the coil. Ensure that the temperature drop is constantly monitored.

The bottom line to any Zoning System is to have a balanced and efficient indoor air conditioning. Every home has its own preferences and needs. An AC expert can help you in designing your Zoning layout.