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Why Does My AC Has Air Flow Problems?

AC Repair ServicesIf you are experiencing the following symptoms, hot and cold spots, pressure imbalance, or little to no air coming from your AC registers, chances are your HVAC system has air flow problems. In some cases, your AC system may start blowing warm air and this is when you know something is terribly wrong.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t help the matter because your system strains to cool your space and this may lead to compressor failure. The compressor is more or less the heart of your AC unit and once it is gone, you will have to replace it. The good news is air flow problems can be sorted out inexpensively. The first step is in knowing what is causing your air flow issues. Below are top 10 common causes you can use to troubleshoot.

Obstructed Condenser Unit

Air cooled AC systems have a condensing unit which is normally located outside or locked in a mechanical room somewhere. The condensing unit more often than not becomes a victim of obstruction caused by debris and leaves that accumulate around it. Even those systems located in mechanical rooms can suffer the same fate occasioned by other storage items or equipment. Inadequate aeration can cause your system to overheat. The first step therefore is to clear the area surrounding your condensing unit.

Clogged Filters

Filters play a key role in trapping dust and debris from the air coming into your equipment. However, with time, filters get overloaded with dirt and this clogging can potentially impede HVAC air flow. In most cases, the stuffy air and hot and cold spots in your home is due to clogged filters. The solution is to change your filters at least once per month or clean them if they are washable.

Leaky or Blocked Ducts

When dust gets past your filters, it accumulates in then ductwork. If in addition the ductwork is smaller in capacity compared to your AC unit, then the clogging becomes worse. If you live in an older building, chances are rodents, insects, and birds have built nests in your duct system. Combining all these issues with a cracked or holed duct, the air flow from your AC unit can be greatly hampered. Let a professional inspect your duct and repair it or clean it if necessary.

Oversized AC Unit

To most homeowners, an oversized unit is the last culprit for air flow problems. Not knowing, the years when bigger was better are long gone and repeating this mistake in HVAC sizing can lead to inefficiency in cooling. Systems that are too large for your space will end cycling on and off frequently which means they never run long enough to get rid of humidity from your indoor space. This will leave you and your family feeling stuffy and uncomfortable.

In addition to the above causes, there are others including dirty coils, sluggish fans, low refrigerant levels, and outdated HVAC designs that can directly affect your HVAC air flow. To stay safe from all of these issues, get help from a professional HVAC expert preferably from your local area.